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1 WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market Opens in New Delhi, India – Exploring the Impact of Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific Region, Balancing Interests of Creators and Consumers WIPO [2018-11-15]
2 High-Level Conference on Respect for Intellectual Property Opens in South Africa WIPO [2018-10-26]
3 WIPO Assemblies Close, Marked by Robust Growth in Treaty Accessions, Guidance on Future Work WIPO [2018-10-03]
4 European Union Joins WIPO’s Marrakesh Treaty, Greatly Expanding Coverage WIPO [2018-10-02]
5 WIPO and IFPMA Launch New Online Patent-Search Resource to Help Health Agencies Procure Medicines WIPO [2018-09-26]
6 WIPO Assemblies 2018 Open: Director General Francis Gurry Underlines Positive Results, Calls for Action on New Technologies WIPO [2018-09-25]
7 Global Innovation Index 2018: China Cracks Top 20. Top Rankings: Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Singapore, U.S. WIPO [2018-07-11]
8 WIPO Translate: Republic of Korea is First to Adopt WIPO’s “Artificial Intelligence” - Powered Patent Translation Tool WIPO [2018-05-25]
9 World Intellectual Property Day 2018 Celebrates Women’s Accomplishments: New WIPO Figures Show Highest-Ever Rate of Women Inventors, but Gender Gap Persists WIPO [2018-04-27]
10 China Drives International Patent Applications to Record Heights; Demand Rising for Trademark and Industrial Design Protection WIPO [2018-03-22]
11 WIPO Cybersquatting Cases Reach New Record in 2017 WIPO [2018-03-16]
12 Statement on Media Reports Pertaining to Patent Applications from the DPRK WIPO [2018-01-04]
13 WIPO Director General Calls for Expanded Membership in Global IP Systems, Highlights Organization’s Achievements and Future Priorities WIPO [2018-01-04]
14 WIPO and the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry Team up to Facilitate Access to Key Medicine Patent Information WIPO [2018-01-04]
15 WIPO Member States End Assemblies with Key Agreements on Future Work WIPO [2018-01-04]
16 New WIPO Study Gives First-Ever Figures on Value of "Intangible Capital" in Manufactured Goods WIPO [2018-01-04]
17 China Tops Patent, Trademark, Design Filings in 2016 WIPO [2018-01-04]
18 WIPO Translate: Cutting-Edge Translation Tool For Patent Documents Extends Language Coverage WIPO [2017-09-26]
19 Global Innovation Index 2017: Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, UK Top Annual Ranking WIPO [2017-06-16]
20 WIPO Re:Search: New Plan for Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria and TB WIPO [2017-05-24]
21 WIPO - Lead UN Agency for Knowledge Issues, Says United Nations Secretary-General WIPO [2017-04-27]
22 WIPO Cybersquatting Cases Hit Record in 2016, Driven by New Top-Level Domain Names WIPO [2017-03-17]
23 Record Year for International Patent Applications in 2016; Strong Demand Also for Trademark and Industrial Design Protection WIPO [2017-03-16]
24 Australian Donation Means New Life for Fund that Involves Indigenous Peoples in International Negotiations WIPO [2017-03-02]
25 Global Patent Applications Rose to 2.9 Million in 2015 on Strong Growth From China; Demand Also Increased for Other Intellectual Property Rights WIPO [2016-11-24]
26 WIPO Adopts Open Access Policy for its Publications WIPO [2016-11-17]
27 Increasing Number of Women Inventors Named in International Patent Filings Over Past Two Decades but Gender Gap Persists WIPO [2016-11-16]
28 WIPO Launches Global Program to Help Boost Access to Patent System for Inventors with Limited Means WIPO [2016-10-18]
29 Member States Close Assemblies Meetings with Agreement to Expand External Network by Opening Two New WIPO Offices in Africa WIPO [2016-10-12]
30 Member States Unanimously Decide to Close Investigation Cases Against WIPO Director General Francis Gurry WIPO [2016-10-08]

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