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1 PAR Technology Subsidiary Announces New $4.5M Contract From Air Force Research Laboratory In Rome, NY EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
2 U.S. Navy Awards BAE Systems Contract To Modernize USS Philippine Sea EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
3 From military to civil service deployments, these Army brothers stick together EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
4 More Than 300 Civilians Unable to Leave E Ghouta Due to Terrorists’ Shelling – Russian Defense Ministry EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
5 An Air Force pilot took a U-2 spy plane to the edge of space — and the photos are incredible EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
7 Defence ministry approves purchase of 41K LMGs EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
8 Dapchi girls: Air Force explains deployment of sorties EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
9 Air Force Base receives Air Force Community Partnership Award EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
10 What really happened on Air Force One? EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
11 Dapchi Girls: CAS temporally relocates to Maiduguri Air Force base EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
12 Defence ministry approves purchase of LMGs, carbines worth over 9,400 crore EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
13 Defence ministry approved purchase of 41K LMGs, 3.5 lakh carbines EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
14 Air Force Can’t Locate Missing Dapchi Girls After Over 200 Hours Of Search – Presidency EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
15 Air Force lifts operational pause of T-6 EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
16 Trump strikes $3.9 billion deal with Boeing for new Air Force One planes EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
17 Qatari military chief meets with US air force commander EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
18 German air force refuels Iranian FM Zarif’s plane in Munich, prevents diplomatic scandal EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
19 The Air Force One Deal May Be Less Rosy Than Claimed EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
20 General Dynamics: Acquisition Of CSRA A Clear Pivot Point EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
21 Coast girl set to take off with air force career EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
22 Air Force deploys 100 jets in search of 110 schoolgirls EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
23 Lockheed Martin to set up major plant in Saudi Arabia EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
24 Raytheon wins $77.3M Air Force contract for SDB II munitions EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
25 Alabama Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges Construction/Skilled Trades Worker with Mesothelioma in Alabama to Call About Zeroing in on the Nations Top Attorneys for Better Compensation Results EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
26 Army dogs put down after failing to maintain standards EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
27 DoD must consider non-traditional approaches to military service EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
28 Defence ministry approves purchase of LMGs, carbines worth over Rs 94 bn EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
29 Panel backs forest nod to expand air force station EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]
30 Ministry of Defence receives Thai General EIN Presswire [2018-03-01]

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